My 2019 in Gaming

If you want a Game Awards done right, you gotta do a Game Awards yourself. Welcome to my year in review, everyone! And Happy New Year! 2019 was another year full of changes. I started out the year insanely overworked, and it only got worse as I went into summer. Both gaming and this blog … Continue reading My 2019 in Gaming

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Hotel Scare-lifornia

Luigi's Mansion 3 is an adventure game developed by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo. It released on October 31, 2019, cost $60, and is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. It was an underdog game on an underdog system. Luigi's Mansion on the GameCube was such an unexpected game back in 2001, and perhaps it … Continue reading Luigi’s Mansion 3: Hotel Scare-lifornia